About ERSO Capital

With affiliate offices in London, California and Toronto, we serve a global client base of businesses and law firms with our discretionary funds, single managed accounts and co-investment funds.

Our firm specializes in all types of commercial litigation finance across a broad spectrum of investments, including single case funding, portfolio finance, law firm funding and award monetization (purchasing of existing awards). At Erso, we believe in flexible and tailored litigation finance.

By choosing Erso as your funding partner, you’ll not only have access to one of the most experienced litigation funding team in the market, you’ll also benefit (if required) from the expertise of our affiliated litigation insurance team, TheJudge (ranked Band 1 by Chambers & Partners). Combined, this means we can provide litigation finance capital through to adverse costs (fee-shifting), contingency fee or judgement preservation insurance.

Erso is a funder member of the Association of Litigation Funders.

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  • “Erso has succeeded in bringing the team’s substantial commercial litigation funding experience to the market with valuable partners and significant capital support. It has been a pleasure to have advised on the formation of Erso Capital and we look forward to working with the management team going forward.

    Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

  • “They are a high-quality team underpinned by substantial institutional capital. The fact they have the close relationship to TheJudge and the Thomas Miller Group is a unique string to their bow, which creates a very exciting opportunity for the legal sector.”

    Appleby LLC

  • Flexibility, extensive capital resources, competitiveness and experience are all necessary traits to look for in a provider of litigation finance.  We believe we have these at Erso, while also being a personable team that we hope will be a pleasure to work with as we co-invest alongside you.

    James Blick – Founder/Director

  • We strongly recommend having an early-stage discussion to determine the right course of action with regards financing options. Our team has vast experience in creating highly bespoke solutions.

    Matthew Amey – Founder/Director

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