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Collective actions: is it time to climb beyond the foothills?
Erso March 20th, 2023

There has been much talk about a recent judgment of the Kings’ Bench Division of the High Court in which Mr Justice Robin Knowles has refused to strike out a representative action brought by Commission Recovery Limited on behalf of … Continued

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Erso January 16th, 2023

It’s been almost a decade since 24 EU member states signed their agreement to take forward plans for a common Unified Patents Court (UPC), but as more and more key milestones are met, the UPC’s own implementation roadmap confirms that … Continued

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Keeping the options open: weighing up funding and insurance for clients
Erso January 7th, 2023

A multi-national, well-resourced corporate approaches your firm about a large, cross-border dispute which seems to have strong merits and will keep a litigation team busy for the next few years. That all sounds like a good day in the office … Continued

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Funding from both sides of the fence
Erso August 11th, 2022

by Sarah Breckenridge, Investment Manager at Erso Capital This blog was first published on the Thomas Reuters Practical Law Dispute Resolution Blog on 8 August 2022.  Ask around the litigation department of any law firm and someone will have a … Continued

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Court of Appeal decision in Zuberi v Lexlaw ushers in new era for DBAs
Matthew Amey February 24th, 2021

I have extolled the virtues of Damages-based agreements (DBAs) for clients and law firms in commercial litigation since they became permissible in England and Wales in 2013. They are a  simple and straightforward form of fee arrangement, that creates a … Continued

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Global Economic Turbulence – The equalizer opportunity for international arbitration lawyers
Erso June 18th, 2020

A few weeks ago was a dire week in the global financial markets, following the US Federal Reserve’s pessimistic warnings about the slow economic growth ahead.  Both big and small businesses are suffering alike.  Whether because of drastic government bailouts, … Continued

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