The first quarter of 2021 has proven a busy time for Erso Capital’s global team. We have seen strong demand for funding, particularly for single case transactions.  As expected, our initial portfolio of closed transactions represents a diverse range of dispute types and jurisdictions. The following represents several examples of closed transactions that Erso is currently financing:

  • Trademark Infringement case.  A $50m trademark infringement case in the retail sector. Total Budget USD $4m
  • ICISD Arbitration.  A $200m claim. Total budget: USD $12m
  • Antitrust and Lanham Act Claim.  Estimated damages $300m. Total budget: USD $8m
  • Breach of trust claim against trustees. Estimated damages $25m. Total Budget: USD $450,000

Examples of our current pipeline 

Following Erso’s launch in February 2021 through to June 2021, our team has vetted over 250 case opportunities. We have a large volume of single case disputes and several sizeable portfolios that are now in advanced due diligence with a reasonable portion expected to close in Q2.

Our portfolio pipeline continues to demonstrate our wide investment mandate and the diversity of cases that fall within our appetite. Current live deals in diligence include: several large construction claims, securities actions, auditor negligence cases, patent portfolios, competition and antitrust cases together with a wide range of business contract disputes. In terms of forums, the mix is broadly split between litigations and commercial arbitrations, with a marginal bias towards litigations.

Pleasingly, the capital requests are equally as diverse as the case types.  We have a reasonable volume of transactions with capital requirements in the USD $500-$1m range, a large volume in the USD $1m-12m range, as well as a larger than expected volume of cases that have passed our initial due diligence in the USD $12-50m range.  On the portfolio side, we are actively considering several large portfolio matters with funding requirements exceeding USD $150m.

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