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Unified Patents Court – taking stock
Erso January 19th, 2024

The Unified Patent Court (UPC), long-awaited, opened in June 2023 and is being watched with interest by the patent community. Less than a year in, there is a limited track record against which patent holders and their lawyers can make … Continued

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Procedural Challenges in the Competition Appeals Tribunal – how far have we come?
Erso January 15th, 2024

In December 2023, Sarah Breckenridge, Investment manager at Erso Capital, contributed to the ThoughtLeaders4 Competition Magazine’s round up of 2023. She reviewed the procedural challenges in the UK’s Competition Appeals Tribunal, and the developments which had been made over the … Continued

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Does PACCAR signal a move towards funder regulation?
Sarah Breckenridge January 11th, 2024

The case most talked about in funding circles last year was PACCAR, and perhaps the term most closely linked with it was “shockwaves”. The tremors seem to have passed though, and 2024 may see some repairs made to those shaken … Continued

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Selected News/Media from our affiliates and others
UK Competition Appeal Tribunal Consolidates Two Competing Actions – An Industry First
TheJudgeNovember 1st, 2023
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TheJudge Top Ranked for Litigation Support
TheJudgeJuly 3rd, 2023
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Can an ATE policy be good security in a claim where there are allegations of dishonesty or fraud?
TheJudgeJuly 5th, 2023
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