As founders of Erso, we have a fair amount of experience in the litigation finance market. For over 15 years, through our affiliate business, TheJudge Group, we have negotiated and structured litigation funding and insurance deals between clients, law firms and a wide variety of capital providers and insurance carriers. Our experience, like that of many of our clients, was mixed. However, one common trait is that many funders’ appetites were narrow – whether by the types of commercial disputes they would or could consider, the size of cases or by jurisdiction.

Of course, some degree of specialization makes sense and for several funds this is no doubt a conscious decision, but this can present challenges for law firms when it comes to appropriate funder selection for the diverse range of situations they may encounter where outside financing may be considered.

In launching Erso Capital, we have sought to take a different approach. Erso Capital has substantial financial backing, which enables us to consider a broad range of litigation& arbitration investment opportunities across a wide jurisdictional footprint, coupled with a high degree of flexibility on deal terms and structure.

Where some groups are constrained (whether deliberately or not) to only consider certain minimum investment or maximum commitment sizes, at Erso Capital we cater for a more diverse range of litigation finance opportunities, whether from modest single-case funding requests through to large scale portfolio and monetization opportunities requiring greater than $100m of capital.

Erso Capital is supported by a strong institutional investor base and works closely with its founding affiliate groups, TheJudge and Thomas Miller.  TheJudge has been a pioneer and market-leader in the litigation insurance market, providing a suite of highly specialist litigation risk management products to corporate clients and law firms. Being able to access and, as appropriate, combine a wider toolkit of financial instruments alongside Erso’s available capital, affords us greater flexibility to tailor our litigation finance to the specific case or portfolio concerned.

We hope our approach enables us to be a genuine full-service provider for our referring law firm clients, as we seek to have available solutions to complement the litigation and arbitration finance requirements emanating from the diverse and varied practices of modern international dispute teams.

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