Bringing a legal case can be difficult for potential claimants, even if they have considerable faith in a positive outcome. After all, the sums of money involved in taking cases to court can be considerable, and this is often sufficient to discourage both individuals and businesses.

However, it is possible to bolster the confidence of potential claimants by procuring funding and insurance solutions that will ease the financial burden of litigation.

For example, after the event insurance will generally provide cover for the opponent’s costs and the client’s own disbursements in the event that the client is unsuccessful. Furthermore, the premium is often deferred until the conclusion of the case and is contingent upon success.

Equally it may be possible for claimants to benefit from third party funding, which provides interim cash flow in return for a financing fee. As with ATE premiums, this fee is conditional upon success and therefore no fee is payable should the client be unsuccessful.

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