Litigation and Arbitration boutiques –Stimulating the funding and insurance market as competition takes effect

A review of the past six months has demonstrated the effects of increased competition on the funding market for commercial litigation and arbitration.  As the largest broker in the market we’ve seen a 28% increase in the volume of cases receiving at least three offers of funding compared to the same period in 2012.

Case studies – examples of cases actually being funded and insured

We have updated our case examples page to demonstrate the mix of claimants we work with. These range from FTSE 100 business through to SMEs and insolvency practitioners who have successfully secured funding and insurance in recent months.

Damages based agreements – A reality for law firms through risk management

While debate continues as to whether the Ministry Of Justice will permit partial DBAs (agreements where the lawyer takes a US style contingency fee), a number of practices have already grabbed the bull by the horns and started to test the waters by entering into DBAs.  While for some litigators this may raise an eyebrow (i.e. firms taking 100% on their fees in reasonably large commercial disputes) the reality is the firm may not be carrying 100% of the risk after all.