Many clients involved in an intellectual property dispute will opt for the Patents Couty Court as their chosen forum, in order to limit the risk of paying adverse costs in the event that the case loses.

However, if the claim is sizeable, bringing After the Event (‘ATE’) insurance and litigation funding into the mix can allow clients to utilise the High Court, where damages are unlimited but which is considered more risky as there is no cap on the client’s potential adverse costs liability, by removing some or all of the associated financial risk.


In addition to providing financial support for complex and substantial IP litigation, TheJudge is adept at arranging funding and insurance for smaller and more straightforward cases proceedings in the PCC, reducing the financial risk to the client beyond just simply capping their adverse costs exposure.

By securing insurance to cover adverse costs, own disbursements and a proportion of own fees, the financial risk can be reduced even further than the measures already in place in the PCC.

TheJudge can also arrange patent litigation funding or insurance on a portfolio basis, where a high volume of patent litigation is expected.

TheJudge specialises in funding and insurance solutions for all intellectual property litigation. To find out more, please contact us.