Fighting or defending a lawsuit can be a costly endeavour for any business, but it becomes even more expensive if the case is unsuccessful. Clients could well be looking for some financial recompense to ease the loss, and that’s where ATE insurance comes in. This product is able to cover the cost of litigation should your client be unsuccessful, providing valuable legal expenses cover and ensuring all is not lost.

This type of policy can be a great way to reduce financial risk, and although the company will have to fund its own court case (in the absence of any funding agreement with an external litigation financer) it can nonetheless be invaluable should the case be lost. It can help make sure that the business doesn’t lose out, and considering the cost of legal fees it can be a vital sum of money that can help ease the burden and ensure the business can continue to run effectively. There’s no cap on the potential cover available for any given case, with each policy being tailored to individual circumstances, making it an essential consideration for any business going through litigation.

Of course, your clients are going to need access to high-end litigation financing if they’re to make the most of this type of policy, and that’s why you need to get in touch. We can provide access to a whole range ATE solutions (as well as third party funding options) to ensure the right decision is made, so if your client wants to reduce the financial risk of their court case make sure to get in touch with the ATE experts and see what can be done.