Have you ever been frustrated by the time it takes to get a meaningful indication of price from litigation funders?

Do you recognise the importance of obtaining multiple offers of funding for your client?

As the largest funding broker, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Quick Indication (QI) Funding service for commercial litigators.

The problem: Navigating the litigation funding market can be complex and fraught with hazard, particularly when trying to secure the most competitive terms for your client in the fastest possible time. Many litigation funders will seek early stage exclusivity to block out other funders from considering the case. The difficulty for a client who has not tested the market is that they will not know whether the proposed terms are the best they can obtain. With significant differences in pricing between funders the savings can be enormous.

The solution: Our QI service enables our brokers to approach multiple litigation funding providers simultaneously and endeavour to deliver a variety of price indications within just 10 working days. This means clients can quickly ascertain what pricing variables exist in the market for their specific case. Only at that stage does the client move to the second phase whereby discussions are narrowed to the most attractive offer(s).

The QI service has only become possible with the increased capacity in the litigation funding market. Funders are increasingly using price as a means to win business. Such price driven competition puts clients with good cases in a stronger negotiating position, which at TheJudge we exploit on your behalf.


With a skilled team of brokers at TheJudge, our clients enjoy the benefit of our relationships, expertise and negotiating power, safe in the knowledge that we are working for the client and not any individual funder. Our QI service exists for both UK litigation / arbitration but is also available for our international clients and lawyers litigating or arbitrating in jurisdictions around the world.

As the largest international broker for litigation funding, TheJudge’s extensive network of insurers and funders ensures that our broking operation is always as targeted and tailored to the specific needs of the client as it can be.


Ability to quickly identify the most competitive terms
Avoids having to commit to exclusivity periods prior to seeing the likely cost
Increases the speed and likelihood of securing funding offers
Ensures the lawyers’ time is devoted to running the case rather than searching the funding market

Helps to meet professional duties by ensuring clients have impartial advice on funding options
Reduces the time burden when dealing with the funding market, freeing up time to run the litigation
Provides easy to follow funding comparisons, making life easier when discussing the offers with the client
Do you have a case that requires Litigation Funding? To discuss your case and what options might exist please speak to one of our key contacts below:

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