We are delighted to announce that Caroline Parker-Beadurias has joined Erso as one of the team’s Investment Counsel.

Prior to joining Erso, Caroline was a litigator in the disputes practice at the New York office of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP (HRR).  During her time at HHR, Caroline was frequently involved in large complex business disputes, both domestically and internationally.

Caroline will be a key figure in the underwriting process for many of Erso’s investment considerations, including case assessments through to deal execution and ongoing case monitoring.

We’re delighted to welcome Caroline to the team. Caroline’s extensive experience as litigation Counsel will be invaluable for Erso. It’s important for Erso’s clients to have the comfort that they are working with experienced Counsel during the underwriting process;someone who can not only quickly appreciate the key legal issues but also the wider commercial dynamics.”

James Blick, Director&Co-Founder

Caroline Parker-Beaudrias                                                          James Blick

Investment Counsel                                                                       Director & Co-Founder

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